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nexxus aloe rid

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“Aloe Rid Clarifying Shampoo is an Effective Chelating Agent Removes

Residual Medication, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Hard Water Minerals, Environmental Pollutants,

And Other Impurities Which Are Harmful To The Internal And External Structure of Your Hair.

Effectively quench damaging free radicals deposited by harsh chemicals

Original Formula – Very Rare – Bar Code – 605592 160356 – 5.0 Oz. – With Propylene Glycol

Will this remove adderall from your hair?

Am i able to get a refund if it doesn’t work

Is this the actual original formula?

Can you wear the same hats as you used to whenever treating with the shampoo

Does it work for an alcohol test?

What is the bar code on this product? There is only one bar code that is the original formula.

Dose it penetrate in the inner part of the hair and take out all drugs

By the time i have to take my test i will be 85 days clean and would have used this shampoo for over a week. will i pass the test?

Does this work for meth

Did it work for cocaine? I did about a key of cocaine over 3 weeks ago and about 2 months ago i did acouple of lines.

What is the bar code on this product? is this the treatment or shampoo (barcode 05592 16035)

Does it remove weed from your hair ?

How long does it take to work? I’ve stopped using cannabis for a month now and would like to know if it would help me pass my hair follicle test

does this work for alcohol

Is this the original formula which sells for 200 something just the aloe rid alone

How long does this last after using this product?

If I order this product will I receive the shampoo in the original 5 ounce bottle with the correct bar code or is it sold in a clear bottle?

Does it actually work. I have to take a hair follicle test in a about 2 weeks and was going to buy it a week in advance?

Does it works only for mariujana or also with coke?

I read that if you buy this product, you can contact someone to help with the directions. I don’t see where though?

Do you have to use the macujo method with these products ? And is this the old style formula?

I bought this and started it on Wednesday. I am gettting concered that it is not the old style. Can anyone help?

What is the best aloe rid old formula to get

Does this work on Hydrocodone ?

is this the old formula

Does it work also with coke?

Does it work for a nicotine tobacco test

Will this lower the levels of Xanax?

where are the instructions everyone is talking about>

Can they tell if you have striped your hair by using this?

Does this work on leg hair?

Does it destroy your hair

Does this work for methamphetamines? how many days clean would would I have to be for this to work?

I passed. I have lots of hair but it is fine, and LONG. I did not dye my hair or bleach my hair. I used the EXACT DIRECTIONS IN THIS PACKAGE five times. Then I used the zydot shampoo and gel.

Then I used MAGNUM shampoo from a detox shop. Then put in the zydot conditioner. I also BOILED MY BRISH AND COMB PRIOR TO USE. I immediately took the hair sample with a wet head. Didn’t sleep on it.

Follow directions people it matters.

Today is nov 7th. Got a call from the company that did my hair follicle test and after using this product as the directions showed I failed for thc. I only took 3 hits off a medical marijuana joint about 4 months ago and before that it had been about 4-5 months and only took three of four hits then. All in all about 8-9 hits in last year. I don’t even smoke it casually is what hurts the most and failed the test and lost a 70k year job because this product didn’t hold up to its part of the bargain I would like to call it but no Bargain with a failed result and loss of 180 some dollars paying for it. Should have known when I seen the orange sticker that said absolutely no returns.

Funny thing is it didn’t show the coke I did 40 days ago which was the only time in years since I had done it but showed thc that was done much longer back and they say coke is harder to get out. So sad right now. Wanted to get on here before anything else though to warn others

So I am not one to write reviews ever, but after reading all these conflicting reviews figured I’d put in my 2 cents. I live in a state were marijuana is legal, I had stopped smoking and was going to just wait the 3 or so month till I knew I’d test clean before starting to look for a new job, because not all employers accept marijuana users. I had only stopped 2 weeks before my old boss reached out and asked if I was ready to come back to work. (I quit my job because i had a baby and wanted to take a year off to be home with her). Its a great job so figured I’d try, I knew they still tested for marijuana so I purchased this kit. I received it on a Friday used it once or twice a day for a week till the following Saturday when I was sent to do my drug test.

Used the ultra clean following the instructions exactly that’s Saturday and went in to do drug test right after hair still went in all. Wednesday I heard back to come in and get processing paper work done. All in all I was clean for about a month before passing my drug test

I never write reviews for products good or bad , but I had to write one for this product. Here’s my story: I got a call to come in for a hair follicle test much earlier then I had anticipated. They called me and on Tuesday and said I had to come in to get the test that same Friday. So I’m stressing out because I had just smoked that same day and I had been smoking marijuana just about every day for a few months. I would only smoke once a day though. I did my research and the results looked pretty bleak.

But the most positive reviews I saw online was for Mike’s Macujo method. So I did my research and found a YouTube page detailing the process I would have to go through to get my hair clean enough to pass. In the comments below the video was Mike Macujo’s phone number. So I called.

I told him how much I had been smoking and the last time I smoked. He advised I do 8-9 washes over about a weeks time in order to get all of the marijuana out of my hair and pass the test. But I didn’t have 7 days. I only had 3 and I didn’t even have the product yet. He advised me to order this product on amazon and have it overnighted to me and begin the process as soon as possible.

Get as many washes in as I can before my test. (Typically you would have 10 hours between each wash , but because I was pressed for time I washed every 7-8 hours ). I asked if he really thought I could pass in such short time. He replied yes you would have a good chance of passing. Now I thought he was just trying to make a quick buck on this expensive product , but he said: “I can guarantee you will fail if you don’t try my method , but if you do use the method exactly like you’re supposed to then you will give yourself a shot “. I wasn’t completely convinced , but I was desperate because this was a once and a life time job opportunity and I had to give it a try. I bought this product just like he advised and got the rest of the supplies from cvs . And I went through with the cleansing. I’m not going to lie it burned my scalp, but I felt it working. When I put the products in my hair the first 2-3 times I could smell marijuana in my hair , and then the last 2-3 times I didn’t smell it anymore.

It was crazy. Although it burned it didn’t do any damage to my hair or scalp. I had to take the pain of the burn , but it was worth it because it gave me a shot at a great career. I just found out I passed my hair follicle test and I was amazed. !!!! You will be too. Don’t be discouraged by these negative reviews.

People that say that this method doesn’t work didn’t do it correctly. If you follow mike’s instructions exactly you WILL pass your test. Guaranteed. I was stunned when I got my results. And you will be pleasantly surprised. Call him he will walk you though everything.

Thank you mike ! I wish I can give this product more stars. Wow !

I passed!! I was in the very unfortunate position of having to do a hair pre employment screen. I was a very light user and It had been almost three months since I had anything to worry about but was told by the people interviewing me that the lab would be taking a body hair sample due to my head hair being too short. I ordered this kit straight away and got to work.

The provided instructions were good but had me freaking out over the fact it said never give a body hair sample. I minimized the possible collection areas by trimming most of my body hair and followed the attached instructions 11 times and added an extra macujo method 5 times.I’m not sure whether I passed thanks to minimal exposure, this product, or pure luck but put in the same position again, I would buy this kit again as I got the results I needed.

I just bought this product for a probation hair follicle test I will keep you posted if it works or not as I am one who also reads reviews to see if the product is worth it or not the test is in June so please keep following….OKAY UPDATE SORRY TOOK SO LONG BUT THIS STUFF TOTALLY WORKS MY BF IS A HEAVY SMOKER HE SMOKED 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO TESTING AND PASSED JUST MAKE SURE YOU CONTINUE TO DO THE METHODS AND PROTECT YOUR HAIR HE DID GET IRRITATED FROM ALL THE TREATMENTS BUT IT WORKS

I had stopped smoking 2 weeks prior to my test. The day after I stopped, I rinsed my hair with warm water and vinegar and let it sit. Then for about 2 weeks I washed my hair with warm water and the nexus aloe rid focusing on my scalp and towards the base of my head where I knew they would be taking hair to test from. I used my normal conditioner afterwards.

Then dried normally and used new/clean brush. On the night before my test I washed my hair with the nexxus then I used the zydot ultra clean and left the packets on for about 10 or 15 minutes making sure it got all over my scalp and long hair. Rinsed out and used normal conditioner. Kept my hair in a towel and covered my bedsheets with newly washed towels to make sure nothing would touch my hair to dirty it. I washed my hair with nexxus in the morning did not brush it to make sure not to contaminate my clean hair. I place a clean towel over my head rest in the car.

I passed the test and was a daily smoker who had been smoking for months.

Failed the test! My levels were lower but still present

I did everything word for work & it helped me pass my test!! If anyone has any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer! I stopped smoking on Monday, started the process on Tuesday, took my test on Friday & passed!!

The system works and I passed my hair test.The package comes with the Nexxus shampoo, the zydot ultra clean stuff and instructions on how to do Mike’s Macujo Method and all of the products you will need which you can buy at Walmart.I had my test 3 weeks after the last time I smoked and I would say I was a moderate smoker (at least 2 joints per day). I did the Macujo Method 20 times prior to my test. The process took about two hours each time but it was worth it.The process did burn the back of my ears in the beginning so I got a high top fade haircut so I just had to worry about the top my head.I hope this helps someone. Good luck.

This worked great. I modified the steps and used STAT with it.STAT first then Nexxus Aloe Rid and the packets then STAT again.

I’m black with locs. I ate edibles, had a bump of stuff, and took a trip the Travis Scott way since January. I stopped everything a month before my hair test. They wanted to go back 6 months so I felt screwed. My job was offering me 60k yearly and that’s more than I expected so I was desperate. I called mike and he said 6-8 washes and I’ll be fine and I’ll have to split my loc SO my locs are in a short bob.

I cut off 5 locs where the loc and new growth connected(this is what split loc means either cut it or undo it). So that gave me like a 1.5 in of loose hair to wash. I’m paranoid so I washed my hair like 11 times in a week because the first 6 times I still had my locs connected(I didn’t know split meant my hair needed to be loose) and the next 5 washes my hair was loose. And guess what? I. Passed.

It. Really. Works. Whoever said it doesn’t work didn’t call mike and seek his assistance. Or they just didn’t do it right.

I was skeptical about spending the money but now that I have the job I’ll make that back in less than a day so WHO CARES!! BUY IT AND WASH AND WASH AND WASH. STAY MOTIVATED. ITS WORTH IT BABY.

I am not one who normally writes reviews but this stuff works ! I read up on all the reviews because I was desperate and still didn’t think it would work! I was taking edibles there for a long time and was only clean about 50 days before the test ( apparently edibles stay in your system way longer then just average smoking) I bought these Products and only had three days to use them before taking my test which was a hair sample!!! I followed the directions and eagerly waited for the results which I thought no way I would pass and it comes back that I got the job! The process Absolutely sucks and your hair will feel like crap and you’ll think that it’s going to fall off!

It got so bad that my scalp actually started to have a chemical burn on it but at the end of the day it’s what you’re willing to do for the job you want.

The day I got to know that I would be having a pre-employment hair drug test, I freaked out. Quickly, I started looking online for ways to pass this test and had many mixed reviews. I then checked out Mike’s Macujo website which has videos, relevant info and step by step details on how to pass the drug test. I called Mike the same day and he spoke to me for 1 hour 30 minutes and told me step-by-step what to do.

I washed my hair 12 times and also bleached and re-dyed. Mike was always there to support and he has extensive experience and research for this (thanks again buddy).I highly recommend this product and Mike’s Macujo method!

This is the only product that add me actually pass the test. Yes it’s pricey but when u have a lot on the line it’s worth every penny. Just follow the instructions exactly. I did the routine for 7/8 days everyday faithfully.

I was very nervous about an upcoming drug test, imbued and had to use my beard hair. I called the 866 number from the YouTube video and spoke to Mike himself. We went over a few things and he wasn’t sure if I was going to pass, but I did what was suggested and used the ultra clean shampoo kit and I passed and I’m happy to say I can start my new career thanks to him. Follow the instructions and you will pass, listen and learn.

This does work and I would recommend this to anyone that is going for a hair test.

I followed all the steps like I was supposed to and did everything the right way and I passed I had already been 90 days clean i just did this to mike sure because i was a heavy smoker and I heard that it could take 140 days to get out of your hair make is the man!!!! Call him if you have any questions and he will answer them no problem. This product is the REAL DEAL!!

Purchased this to land my dream job. Quit smoking for 2 week. Did the Mike Macujo method 15 times. It burned my scalp and now have crazy dandruff for the last week. Didn’t pass at all.

Complete waste of money, effort and it burns your scalp. No stars from me

I really can’t believe it, but I passed. I did have 5 weeks notice. I did the mac method probably a total of 17 times also bleached my hair 3 times and died my hair 4. I would consider myself a heavy/medium user.

It really works!!! Follow the directions exactly! Definitely base your forehead and ears to help ease the irritation. This is really tedious, but well worth the results.

Passed hair drug screening. Washed hair a total of 13 times in 8 days before testing. Wash hair frequently, waiting 8 hours in between washes.

I used the method suggested by the instructions included in the package, following the steps exactly. I quit smoking on December 6th and took my test on December 20th. It was a lot of work, and I had to wash my hair using the method a total of 15 times. I also bleached/dyed my hair for good measure. It worked! I passed!!!

Thanks Mike!

Has worked on 4 separate occasions for a medium to heavy smoker so I highly recommend if getting the job means that much to you. This method is time consuming but the only way to ensure you can rest assured you will pass

Works pefect. The only thing he said was, he wished all the bottles of different products was the same size. Do follow instructions to a T. Make sure you buy all the items needed.I wish the seller sold everything needed in 1 kit. And all the bottles are the same size.

Did not give the result I was looking for

Did not work. I followed directions to the THad not used any drug 86 days prior. It showed up in arm and head hair professionally tested a waste of 200 dollars. Plus 154 dollars for hair follicles test.

Just got my test results back , super disappointed it removed things , and left others that it really shouldn’t have . Definitely not worth the money!!!

Does not work do not waist your!

I love the shampoo!. I followed every step and my hair feels bouncy/clean after the first use !. So ready to pass this drug test

Highly recommend!! Followed the steps thoroughly and did it about 6 times and I passed!!!